a|lone [ ə`loun ] function word ***
Alone can be used in the following ways:
as an adjective (never before a noun):
I was alone in the house.
as an adverb:
Kim prefers to travel alone.
He alone knows where the files are hidden.
1. ) without anyone with you
a ) if you are alone, there is no one else with you:
Shelley is divorced and lives alone.
all alone (=completely alone): She was all alone in a dark forest.
b ) used when two people are together and no one else is there:
It was forbidden for an unmarried couple to be alone together.
alone with: Roger hadn't had a chance before to be alone with Therese.
2. ) lonely feeling that you have no friends and that no one cares about you:
Jim said goodnight and left, feeling sad and alone.
alone in the world (=not having any friends anywhere): I felt completely alone in the world.
3. ) without any help
a ) if you do something alone, you do it without any help from other people:
He is so severely disabled that he cannot manage alone.
Was the killer acting alone?
b ) go it alone to live, work, or make decisions on your own, without any help from other people:
More women are going it alone in business.
4. ) without including anything else never before noun without including numbers or amounts from anywhere else:
Kazakhstan alone had more than 100 different nationalities.
She earned over a million dollars from television appearances alone last year.
5. ) the only person or thing
a ) never before noun used for emphasizing that a particular person or thing is the only one that has something or can do something:
He alone was allowed to make decisions on foreign policy.
Time alone will show whether the voters made the right choice.
b ) be alone in (doing) something usually in negatives or questions to be the only person that does something:
Miller was not alone in his opposition to the war.
Am I alone in thinking that Biggs could be wrong?
leave/let someone alone
to stop annoying or criticizing someone:
I wish they'd just leave me alone.
leave/let something alone
1. ) if you leave something alone, you do not do anything to it or touch it:
Leave those flowers alone you're going to ruin them.
2. ) to stop trying to deal with something

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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